Innovative Solutions in Consumer Insights

We build intelligent connections between brands and consumers to obtain high quality insights, stimulate co-creation
and take the relationship with the consumer to the next level.

<h3>eCInstant - Data Collection and Intelligent Dashboards</h3>

eCInstant - Data Collection and Intelligent Dashboards

In a few minutes you create your survey, select the public and launches your search or online form.
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<h3>eCKRM- Panels Management, Projects and Online Researches</h3>

eCKRM- Panels Management, Projects and Online Researches

Our tools are integrated with an advanced panel management system and research projects, which ensures superior quality and confidence in the collected data.
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<h3>eCForce - Creation and Management of Private Communities</h3>

eCForce - Creation and Management of Private Communities

An advanced technology platform that uses social collaboration and gamification to create vibrant communities for brands.
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<h3>eCDialogues - Forums, Discussion Groups & Journals</h3>

eCDialogues - Forums, Discussion Groups & Journals

An integrated solution for qualitative researches, with advanced multimedia features, collaboration and interaction between moderators and participants.
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<h3>MRXCloud –Integrated platforms suite</h3>

MRXCloud –Integrated platforms suite

MRXCloud is a cloud-based marketing technology platform designed for consumer insights and brand engagement.
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<h3>eCGlobalNet - Social Network of Consumers</h3>

eCGlobalNet - Social Network of Consumers

We connect consumers of different profiles and social backgrounds that are willing to share their opinions and ideas, helping companies to take better decisions.
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Innovative solutions based on social, mobile and gamification technologies for marketing and market research.

eCGlobal Solutions offers full and integrated solutions capable of gathering consumer insights through social media and interactive contact points.