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Solutions to Connect, understand and interact with today’s consumer.

eCGlobal Solutions is your integrated solutions provider of Consumer Insights through innovative technologies that integrate social , mobile and gamification in the same platform. We work with your marketing agency, market research institute or with your internal team to integrate our solutions to your marketing and research programs.

Online Communities

The Online Communities are environments created for high levels of consumer engagement, providing experience with the brand in a unique way. Thus, we have real consumer insights laboratories where one can assess and measure behavior, test acceptance of new ideas, products or campaigns.

Comunidades Online

Why Online Communities?

In other social networks, brands often compete with people from its consumer life: friends, family and social games, not mentioning several other brands and competitors trying to attract their attention at a time commonly unfavorable to obtain insights.

When creating the online community for your brand, you are taking your consumer to an environment in which everyone has the same goal: to interact and discuss issues related to your brand.

A social network platform that brings the ideal setting for big brands takes the relationship with the consumer to the next level.

Meet our types of Online Communities and see which suits the needs of your company:

Brand Community

Brand Community

Private brand communities, with own domain and high level of customization.

The Brand Community is incredibly robust: supports large number of users and offers a number of engagement options such as customization of virtual coins, social currencies, badges and even an online store with prizes from the brand or from partners.

The goal of the Brand Community is to provide the best possible environment to create conversations and build a solid relationship with the consumer, generating valuable research and marketing insights.

The Brand Community was designed to meet the various market segments and companies of different sizes.

There are two categories of Brand Community: Small and big, which can still be acquired in basic or advanced modes, depending on the needs of your company.

Inside Community

Inside Community

A true insights laboratory and relationship building with the consumer within, a social network with more than 1 million users.

The Inside Communities are communities created within the eCGlobal, which can be customized and allows interaction between brands and consumers. The customization is made using our communities platform eCForce, which offers several features to engage the user, using gamification strategies and other social networking tools such as email marketing to send members the custom content for the brand. Two profile options are available: basic and advanced . In the advanced profile greater customization possibilities are offered, as the awards module (diamonds, points, badges...), activities with customized segmentation, research in online research platform eCInstant and registration with custom fields.


At the most fundamental level, gamification is the use of game mechanics and dynamics, in non- game contexts, to drive behavior & results.

The logic is simple. People love to play games. But in everyday life, we are often presented with activities we hate, whether it is boring chores or stressful works.

Gamification is the process of introducing game mechanics and dynamics into these abhorred activities to make them more game-like (i.e. fun, rewarding, desirable, etc.), so that people would want to proactively take part in these tasks.

Gamification does not turn an application into a game. Instead, it makes it feel like a game.

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Reach mobile users. Connect to your target audience.

We develop Gamificated mobile apps that allow quick consumers reach through their mobile devices, building a closer and direct relationship, anytime and anywhere.

Through high technology and gamification strategies, our mobile apps allow you to create unique and enriching experiences directed to your brand, increasing engagement and taking the relationship to another level.

Moreover, it is a powerful tool to generate insights: it is possible to obtain data, to evaluate spontaneous behavior and even encourage them through specific strategies in the app.


OpinionsApp, the mobile app from eCGlobal.

OpinionsApp is the mobile app eCGlobal created to strengthen our relationship with our panelists and keep them active and engaged in our research activities and other advantages of participating in our network.

Through this app we can get consumer insights in real time and at the same time know their interests, using an awards program and rewards to ensure their participation and loyalty to the panel.

Online Forums & Discussion Boards

Fóruns e Grupos de Discussão

Online virtual discussions custom built for your marketing research objectives.

We can help you to provide prompts for conversation topics, stimulus, graphic material and visual exercises for your sessions.

Planning a session and setting up a group is easy, as is making last minute changes. The forums and discussions are moderated in an online session room and you will be able to send open- or closed-ended questions, discuss topics, upload photos and videos, automatically send responses to websites and other online forum tools.

Premium Online Panels

One of the biggest and most complete online panel of Latin America.

The eCGlobal team has over 15 years of experience in market research, online panels and communities. Through our robust Online Panel of Consumers (, we were able to make a profound segmentation, reaching consumers of various profiles for your research.

Our panelists are engaged in giving honest answers. Through a quality program and continuous and true relationship established through our Online Communities of Consumers, we assure high quality and quick answers for research projects.

Painel Book eCGlobal
Ensuring Identity and Registration Uniqueness
To be part of our panel, the users need to register and confirm their participation. Through that, we ensure real panelists, actually active and engaged to be part of our Online Panel of Consumers.

Emotional Incentives: Higher Quality and Consistency of Data for your Researches
We have a team dedicated to build a positive relationship with the panelists in our Online Communities: we value your time, we respect your preferences, we create collective awareness, we show that your opinions are strong and really impact the decision of big companies, helping to build better products and services. More than monetary incentives, we show your users the real value of participating and asserting their opinions as consumers.

Internauts' Universe Representation: multiple sources of recruitment.
We work with various strategies for attracting new members for our online panel of consumers, through recruitment partnerships, social medias, diversified online campaigns, ensuring an excellent representation of the internauts' universe in each country.

Quality and Speed for the answers.
With engaged and committed panelists, we deliver questionnaires answered quickly, ensuring high quality answers.

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Download our Panel Book


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Customized Online Panels

Fóruns e Grupos de Discussão

Get involved directly with clients in a fast, flexible and cost effective, creating a conversation, a relationship and a channel to generate two-way insights.

ECGlobal Solutions has more than eight years of experience in the development of custom panels to customers in the US and Latin America, using an advanced proprietary software, eCKRM® , allowing a single platform to manage all activities related to the panel:

  • Installation of custom panels sites and landing pages.
  • Easy management of online research projects that can be as diverse and complex as the management of all activities of a custom online panel or just the centralized fieldwork.
  • Monitoring the participation of members in each community, panel, apps or activity in which they are bound.
  • Importing data from other sources , such as CRM or internal transactional systems
  • Integration with other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

If your company wants to create a stronger relationship with their customers through custom online panels , eCGlobal Solutions makes it easy.

We offer a complete solution for customers who want to build an online research panel to specific audiences (e.g. .: mothers, love for cars, youth / teens).

We develop private panels , offering complete solutions including planning, site design, technology platform and recruitment, incentive management, customer support and engagement services in the panel.

Online Research Platform

We offer a digital solution to enable your market research.

We create a "Do it Yourself" platform, in which you may be able to program and monitor the results in real time for your research project. Get insights from your customers in a fast and cost –effective way.

With eCInstant, your research project counts with several advantages that allows you to get real-time data to help in your everyday decisions, such as: speed in the answers, quality and detailed segmentation for you to reach your target audience, intelligence technology jumps in the questionnaires for more accurate data and, moreover, is the only one that targets the audience for mobile device users.


Why use a "do it yourself” platform for your research projects?

With the current demand in the marketing research area and general scenario, we decided to create a digital tool so you can create and schedule your own market research, getting real- time feedback in a simple and practical way and very easy to use.

Simple and Easy to use

eCInstant offers simple navigation , where you can easily understand every step necessary to create, launch and track the results of your research project. We have an intelligent filter system so you can properly direct your research to your audience.

Quick results in real time

Most projects are completed within 48 hours. Track and export your project’s results in real time.

Access to online samples

With eCInstant you can buy online samples for your research projects using our Online Premium panels with more than 1 million consumers across Latin America and the United States (learn more about our Online Panels).

You set your target audience through demographic and advanced filters, program your questionnaire, approves the cost generated and your project is ready to be released.

Free projects for Social Networking

You research projects for social networks are completely free.

Do not waste time! Create now a free account on eCInstant and start enjoying the benefits of this digital market research platform. Get to know eCInstant.

Redes Sociais de Consumidores

Through our proprietary social networks and online panels, we reach millions of highly targeted consumers and professionals in the United States and Latin America, enabling marketers and market researchers to listen, connect and interact with them through various forms of dialogues and engagement.

eCGlobal Community

eCGlobalNet is an online community of consumers. We connect consumers with different profiles and social backgrounds, which are open to share their opinions and ideas, helping companies make better decisions and develop more desirable products and services around the world based on consumer behavior.

We can also help you create your OWN PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORK using our eCForce platform to create an experience even more marked and controlled to your target audience.

“You have complete control in your own space to talk to your customers, engage them and draw them!”

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Analytics Social Media

Social Media Analytics


A complete Social Media Analytics Consultancy, with social networks monitoring and data comparison.

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